Kayaking in the Gambia is an experience you will never forget! Our unique location makes it perfect to explore the creeks and rivers around Kurumbo Lodge. These creeks are not only offering some amazing sportfishing, especially birdwatchers will enjoy these trips a lot!

Beautiful views

Watch birds with a kayaktrip
With over 800 different species of birds, The Gambia is one of world’s best destinations for birdwatching. If you are a photographer you will definitely enjoy these trips. You will see the real Gambian life around the river, the fishermen, ladies washing clothes, crossing points and who knows what else? Kayaking in the Gambia is an experience you will never forget!

Amazing views from the river (picture: Kev Black)
Amazing views from the river (picture: Kev Black)

Guided kayaktrips

We only offer kayaktrips including a guide because of safety reasons. We don’t want you to get lost or something else to happen. Our guides know these creeks and rivers and they know the best spots to take you to. You want something to drink and eat? No problem we will arrange it all for you.

The best kayakguides in the Gambia

We are very proud that we can say we have the best kayak-guides in the Gambia. We can hear you thinking.. why is that? That is because one of our guides managed to drive river Gambia by kayak with some friends. From the border near Fatoto to the ocean they made an incredible journey. If you want more information about that, just take a look at: expeditiongambia.com. Watch the trailer here:

This amazingly fast kayak (Gatz Mohawk 470) is now for rent including our guide who can tell you all the stories about the amazing Gambia Expedition in 2012. Kayaking in the Gambia, and especially in the mangroves around our lodge is a life changing experience. Enjoy Gambia in the purest way!

Our Prices

1 hours kayaking  inc. guide + food & 1 bottle of water   GMD 550 / € 12 (price per person)
2 hours kayaking  inc. guide + food & 1 bottle of water   GMD 850 / € 20 (price per person)
4 hours kayaking  inc. guide + food & 1 bottle of water  GMD 1500 / € 35 (price per person)

We can take more drinks and food on board if you like, just let us know what your wishes are. For now we only book trips for two persons, because we only have one kayak available. If you like to make a boattrip over the river with more people we recommend you to book a rivertrip by boat.