Bird Watching

We offer the cheapest and the most breathtaking birding trips in the Gambia!

The Gambia is a unique country for birdwatchers all over the world and provides some amazing birdwatching. More then 600 species can be found in the different landscapes of the Gambia. Birdwatching in the Gambia is getting more popular because people are getting familiar with the amazing possibilities the Gambia offers for birdwatchers.

Black and white Kingfisher

Kurumbo Lodge is a true paradise for birdwatchers
Especially our location is truly unique for birdwatchers compared to other lodges. We are located in the middle of a mangrove forest close to the Hullahin river near the border with Senegal in the south of Gambia. This area is an important area for birds, so important that it has been listed by Bird Life International.

Diversity of Gambian wildlife
You simply can not imagine any place better than Kurumbo Lodge if you love watching birds. Within one minute walking from your lodge you will be in the forest and within five minutes walking you are on the plains, the mangroves or at the riverside. If you walk a little further you will meet the sand dunes, rice fields and tidal mud flats. The diversity of the land is just stunning and offering a lot of different birds.

A unique experience
Not many other lodges in the Gambia are offering this kind of tranquility and overwhelming nature. The nearest village, Kartong,  is a few miles walking from the Kurumbo Lodge so there will not be many people around. All these things together are making Kurumbo a paradise for birdwatchers. Here in Kurumbo, you don’t have to travel far to see some amazing wildlife and be totally alone in the wild!

Transportation during your trip
A rivertrip by boat or even our large kayak is a popular way to explore the mangroves. We have an amazingly fast kayak which makes it possible to travel trough the creeks without any sound. This way makes it possible to indicate the birds before you have even seen them. We also offer rivertrips by small boat with engine. The huge benefit of this boat that we can have more people in the boat and we can relocate to new areas more fast. It also provides better stability for birdwatchers who like to use telescopes.

Hundreds of pelicans gather at some times

Our trips

We offer different kind of birdwatching trips. You have the choice to take a kayak and guide and explore the river and creeks. The nice thing about this way of traveling is that you travel without any noise, which can be very important during birdwatching. Off course, if you choose for a full or half day trip, we have to take breaks to stretch our backs and to stay out of the sun in het hot hours of the day. We will use this time to explore the forest of Casamance (Senegal) and find different species here. The same for birdwatching trips by boat. We will get out of the boat in the really interesting areas to explore or take breaks. For full day trips we have lunch and breakfast included so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Maybe you will be lucky to see a monitor lizzard at the riverbanks

Trips by kayak
1 hour of birdwatching inc. kayak and guide GMD 550 / € 10 (price per person)
2 hours of birdwatching inc. kayak, guide and 1 bottle of water GMD 850 / € 20 p.p
1/2 day of birdwatching inc. kayak, guide, lunch and 1 bottle of water GMD 1530 / € 35 p.p
Full day of birdwatching inc. kayak, guide, lunch and breakfast GMD 2800 / € 65 p.p

Trips by boat
2 hours of birdwatching inc. aluminium boat, fuel, guide and 1 bottle of water GMD 850 / € 30 p.p
1/2 day of birdwatching inc. aluminium boat, fuel, guide, lunch and 1 bottle of water GMD 1530 / € 55 p.p
Full day of birdwatching inc. aluminium boat, fuel,  guide, lunch and breakfast GMD 2800 / € 85 p.p

Trips by foot
1 hour of birdwatching guide GMD 250 / € 6 p.p
2 hours of birdwatching guide and 1 bottle of water GMD 430 / € 10 p.p
1/2 day of birdwatching guide, lunch and 1 bottle of water GMD 1050 / € 24 p.p
Full day of birdwatching guide, lunch and breakfast GMD 1960 / € 45 p.p